Urgent Money Spell Needed

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please could any one tell me a fast easy money spell I am so desperate

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money spells

Hi please read the comment i've put under competions thread about abundance cheques.

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Urgent letup lottery win

Iam so desprate I have no money and I am dept I really need your help a lottery win would make my life so much better please help me as iam so depressed right now Joanna

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Tarot Reading - Sammydog67
Good evening, Sammydog67,
I’m sorry to hear of your troubles. 
Perhaps, I can help you with a reading from my tarot deck.
Deck: Tarot of Dreams
Layout:  Past, Present, Future – Money
Past – VII Cups – You have many choices before you and it maybe difficult to decide.  Everyone wants to do the right thing.  If you keep your focus on what it is you really wish to achieve, it will help you decide for this is your life, no one else’s.  Only you can decide.            
Present – Palace of Cups – Look for solutions to your problems in your dreams.  All you have to do is ask God, (depending on your religion) to advise you on what you should do regarding your situation/relationship/problem and he will always answer in his own unique way.
Future – IX Wands – Your situation/relationship/problem is cutting you off from the rest of life or the rest of the World, so you think.  Not so! Open your eyes and look at your life and what you have all around you.  Friends.  Family.  Neighbours.  Pets.  Friendship.  Love.  Help.  God (depending on your religion).  None of us were meant to walk this path alone.  Reach out to those you know and they will be only too happy to listen to you and help you.  Your friends and family will never judge you.      
There are two parts in this Tarot Deck, Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. 
Major Arcana are events that are already set in motion and will happen.
Minor Arcana are events that are changeable. 
All cards are Minor Arcana cards.  
Cups represent watery emotions and intuitions. 
Wands represent fiery energies and the spirit of endeavour.
Please do not take the Tarot reading as the final word and your only choice.
You ultimately decide if you wish to follow this or not.
I hope this was of some help to you.
Farewell, for now.
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