Settling toddlers at nursery or playgroup

Candle magic can help

You will need: 

  • Your child’s favourite toy or teddy
  • Several quartz crystals
  • One white candle

Place the toy on a table and surround it with small pieces of quartz crystal. Light the candle and silently ask Paige, the angel of children, for help:

‘With respect I ask the angel Paige to cleanse [name]’s aura,
And assist me in my magical work.
Stay by him/her when I am away,
Let him/her be calm day by day.
Soothe her mood and quieten his/her grief,
Settle him/her down with love and belief.’

Repeat this three times, then put the toy back where you found it and blow out the candle. Leave the crystals under your toddler’s bed until he or she is more relaxed. Relight the candle for 10 minutes each day before setting off for nursery.