Troublesome exes

Make them history

You will need:

  • Several tiny mirrors

  • Six white candles

  • A fireproof bowl

  • A small piece of turquoise

Place a mirror facing outwards in every window of your home. This will act as a protective force field and reflect harmful thoughts back to their sender. But remember that it is crucial you don’t send out any negative feelings yourself when casting this spell, or they could rebound on you. Try hard to send love and wish for your ex to find peace in his heart. Light the candles and place them in a circle. Write your ex’s name on a piece of paper and fold it tightly. Put this paper in the fireproof bowl at the centre of the circle. Now summon Seth, the angel of war, to ward off aggression, and say:

‘Angel Seth, with peace and love,
Let your protection encircle our souls.
Bring stillness and quiet to the heart of [insert name].
Let them damage no one this day.
In harmony let us walk our paths together without hostility.’

Use one of the candles to burn the paper in the bowl. When the ashes have cooled, empty them into the bin and say:

‘Peace, peace, peace.’

For added protection, carry a small turquoise stone in your pocket.