Amanda Tooke

Angel Mystic Amanda gives advice each month on how to call on angel power to solve your problems

Amanda Tooke

by Fate&Fortune |
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She first called on heavenly helpers when she was a single mum of two struggling to make ends meet. ‘My husband and I had just divorced and I had no idea how I’d pay the bills. Not knowing what else to do, I sent out a plea to the angels for help. Within hours they had sent me a sign showing that they had heard my cry for help and from that moment on I knew everything would be ok.

Working with angels feels like a secret support system that will get you through anything life sends you. Your problems don’t go away but your ability to cope grows greater, therefore you have to get a different result. It means your lessons in life become easier. You feel supported like you have never experienced before, life feels magical knowing you can cope.’

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