Holly Davis and Texas

Texas is psychic horse, who gives Fate & Fortune readers messages through his owner, animal communicator Holly Davis

Holly Davis and Texas

by Fate&Fortune |
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Every month, you'll be astounded by Texas’s accurate readings about people and their pets. Holly, 31, first discovered her incredible psychic link with animals when she was at school. She found she could hear their thoughts in her head and started telling owners if their pets were unwell – and exactly what was wrong with them. The pets would also tell her about everyday things, such as their favourite food and how they liked to be looked after! But when Texas joined her Welsh smallholding, Holly realised he was something special. He predicted events that came true and gave her specific messages for people. Soon, Texas was helping Holly in her work as a psychic and animal healer. ‘Texas tells it like it is,’ Holly explains. ‘He doesn’t pull punches. I don’t edit the information – I just pass it on.’

Each month, Texas dives into his postbag and selects three lucky people, or their pets, for a reading in his Fate & Fortune column. Many people ask Holly what Texas sounds like when he ‘talks’ to her. ‘He doesn’t use language as we know it – after all, he’s not human,’ explains Holly. ‘Instead, I just receive his thoughts in my head. He’s told me so many things that have come true. Texas’s main aim is to help others.’ Texas gets it spot on – and often leaves readers speechless when he correctly reveals their past, present and future.

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