Nicky Alan

Nicky is a former Detective Constable for Essex police who discovered she was psychic aged 9, when her dad tragically died in a car crash and appeared to her in spirit two days later...

Nicky Alan

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During her police career, Nicky unofficially used her psychic skills to help solve crimes including a woman’s murder. ‘While in the briefing room I had a vision of the victim’s husband kissing a female friend of the family so I went and questioned the woman who later admitted she’d been having an affair with the husband,’ Nicky says. ‘As I interviewed the man’s nephew I saw the victim’s body being rolled up in a carpet and knew the nephew had been involved, too. Both men admitted the killing and were sent to prison.’

So how does she feel about helping to solve some of the world’s biggest mysteries as Fate & Fortune’s Psychic Detective? ‘I can’t wait to get stuck in and put my detective skills to use again,’ says Nicky, who has worked as a full-time psychic since leaving Essex police in 2003. ‘Even though it’s been 14 years since I’ve worked in the police, I often ask my guides to solve cases I see on the news so it’ll be great to share my discoveries with Fate & Fortune readers.’

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