23 July - 23 Aug

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You’re firing on the energy of rebirth and renewal thanks to the Leo new Moon at the close of last month. Things just seem to get better and better. Your confidence in terms of getting ahead is sky-high. If you have felt a little coy about personal matters, this will change. The full Moon on the 12th is highlighting one-on-one relationships. The latter part of August, when the Sun moves into your house of values, is about building stability emotionally and practically, which will enable you to weather any uncertainty.

Matters of the heart

As you start the month, you’re all heart. If a lover or a friend needs your help, you’ll adore helping out. Indeed, you could find yourself rather drawn to attractive waifs and strays. Or your long-term love needs some TLC, and you quite enjoy a bit of brow-mopping. From the 11th, when Venus joins the Sun in your sign, your radiance is a thing to behold! You won’t want to linger in the shadows. With the full Moon shining its light onto relationships, expect something major. A question could be popped, a decision made. This may feel a little heavy initially, but whatever happens next should have you smiling. Lucky Jupiter teams up with Venus a week later to sprinkle stardust on love and ensure everyone is happy.

Luck and cash

The month begins with something of a wow moment when it comes to career and success. Communications planet Mercury then zips into your house of money getting your brain ticking about cash-making wheezes. Are there ways you could box clever when it comes to moolah? By the final week of August, you make a plan. You don’t have all the answers yet, but you’ll work it out before long, so watch out everyone. Leo is about to coin it in.

Be sure to…

…go with the flow when it comes to opportunity. What is offered may not be what you expect, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be great!


Your ruling planet says: ‘Focus on yourself and your needs. Make your plan and once you have your foundation everything else will fall into place. You have the power to do this!’

Moon moment

15th Aug Jupiter fuses with the Moon to produce some magic moments and help you see the world a different way.

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