19 Feb - 20 Mar

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Entrancing – that’s the word to describe your presence in the first few weeks of August. You’re capturing everyone’s attention for all the right reasons. Your kindness and depth are being enhanced by the planetary set‑up. Of course, you’re not just floating about like an angel. Your world is busy and you’ll discover your social life is full-on thanks to Mars and Pluto injecting positive energy. Creatively, you’re doing wonderful stuff too, so indulge in hobbies.


For the first few weeks, singles will find themselves almost irresistible. You could find potential suitors falling at your feet. Watch out, Neptune and Venus are making moves to ensure you fall in love fast, too. Mid-month, encounters could happen in the most unexpected of places… walking the dog, at work, or the laundrette! The real action starts around the new Moon on the 27th. You are entering a happy new episode where you can have a fresh start, whether that means with a new person, or renegotiating a partnership with an existing squeeze. Draw up a vision board with all you want from love and your significant other and with luck, the universe will deliver!


Your charm will enable you to get the best out of bosses and workmates. So offer to do the tea run and bring in brownies and they’ll be putty in your hands! There is a possibility a slice of good fortune is coming your way on the 18th – a lovely windfall. Whether you get it or not may rely on you making some wise moves. Remember, the harder you work, the luckier you become, so don’t turn down opportunities for overtime or extra work.

Be Sure To...

…call on your tribe for a bit of help if required! Old pals and your local network are only too happy to rally around and lend a hand.

Power Planet: Neptune

Your ruling planet says: ‘There is more goodwill in your life than you realise. By opening your heart, you will get back so much compassion and care, you’ll feel you’re being lifted by angels!

Moon Moment

12th Aug With the Moon in the most hidden part of your chart along with Saturn, draw on your spirituality for solutions.

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