22 Dec - 20 Jan

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If you have something to prove, this is your month. June fills you with calmness and certainty and when you radiate those qualities out into the world, others could start to sit up and take note. Give yourself permission to stand on that soapbox, and you should be pleasantly surprised by how many people share your thoughts and feelings. The full Moon on the 14th powers up another string in your bow. Prepare for a spooky fortnight when you can read minds or simply read between the lines.

Matters of the heart

It takes two, but most of all it takes you. Your chart of connecting is peaking, and that allows you to spread harmony wherever you go. Back at base, pulling together has never counted so much. This is your family’s moment. You are virtually unstoppable, as Mars and Jupiter both pour their energies into house and home matters. If one of you needs a hand with a move or a purchase, it’s putting your heads together that gets the job done. Once Mercury comes out of retrograde on the 3rd, you’re in for 10 days of romantic manoeuvres. It’s time to kiss and tell!

Luck and cash

With your strict ruler, Saturn, on a go-slow in your cash zone from the 5th, the pressure is off financially. Where you may have been juggling the funds, you should find you have more wiggle room. Use it wisely rather than going on a shopping spree. Around the 16th, you should get a sign that you are on the right track, while some lucky goats could also get a windfall or back payment, as the Sun meets up with Saturn.

Be sure to…

……follow the example of your favourite role model. If you aren’t sure what to do in a certain situation look to someone you admire for tips and inspiration, whether a historical figure, social media star or neighbour.


Your ruling planet says: ‘It’s not what you do it’s the way you do it. Someone can move you to the next level, when you show your feathers don’t get ruffled as easily as those of your co-workers or pals.’

Moon moment

26th June. With the Moon in the most practical part of your chart, retrace your steps or ideas and note when something clicks.

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