19 Feb - 20 Mar

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by Fate&Fortune |


Summer has arrived and you fish are more than ready for it. Gone is any trace of a frown and a broad smile is set to spread across your face when you step up your social activities. The shy you is nowhere to be found after the 3rd, when Mercury comes out of his backspin. Just see what’s going on locally and you’ll find you fit right in to anything community-spirited. Subscriptions need a review and you could find yourself switching groups as you have a strong connection with something trend-setting.


Picking up where you left off with old friends or a forgotten love gets easier after the 5th when your fears around rejection fade, and your intuition takes over. A flirtation that excites you in early June may not heat up again until the month’s end for singles, but stay centred and eventually lunar power will reveal how much fun you can have with this special someone, and if it could lead to more. Family time becomes more important after the 22nd and couples could also find themselves playing matchmakers for the young folk in their life and being quite good at it.


Fools may jump in where angels fear to tread, but there are two sides to that story this month. When you spot something you or yours really must have, make a decision without delay, as when it’s gone it’s gone. As Mars and Jupiter join forces, being decisive around money matters is a skill you can master. Splitting expenses and bills, demanding refunds when services aren’t up to scratch, and reclaiming things you lent to others, could all fall under that category. Ask firmly, act fairly and justice will be done.

Be Sure To...

…head out to a favourite view. If you begin to feel frazzled by this month’s twists and turns, looking at a scene you find pleasing could be the quickest way to recharge your soul and your senses.

Power Planet: Neptune

Your ruling planet says: ‘Make waves. If you want a final answer as to whether an option is available to you and yours or not, try to find out for sure by the 28th when I head into my go-slow.’

Moon Moment

12th June. Being part of a team brings the feel-good factor and you and your opposite number may never have met before.

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