23 Nov - 21 Dec

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The June stars are eager to perk you up, then guide you towards your sweet spot in life. Until the 13th, your jolly ruler, Jupiter, joins forces with Mars, the planet of courage, predicting that if you seek your bliss, you shall find it. Combining your artistic side with your competitiveness gets you off to a flying start. If all else fails, you could use this planetary power to improve your lot. Just by putting a smile on your face things seem to happen. You’ll be on the receiving end of some fabulous twists of fate.

Matters of the heart

You can drift along like a love song, taking the ups and downs in your stride and knowing that on balance you and your loved ones are doing fine. From the 21st, it’s time for a matters-of-the-heart stock take. The kids may need a bit of a prod to do more, perhaps around the house or on the work front, while you and your partner are being given some Pluto power to decide what holds you back as a couple and what would give you a new lease of life. Start by having a fresh look at your wish list and what you value. Single? A deep conversation gives you an indication of who to date and why.

Luck and cash

Take a chance on you. if you believe in yourself or an idea you have, pursue it with gusto. As with life, so with money-making, the more excited something makes you feel, the greater your will to win. Breaking free of the ties that binds continues to be a theme for you archers as the year progresses and, if you wanted to adopt a motto to increase your mindfulness it could be: ‘You never know until you have tried.’ Back at the 9-5, your ability to remain flexible maintains your sterling reputation.

Be sure to…

……say sorry when you need to. Staying strong when you are in the wrong could backfire on you, so admit you are only human if or when the need arises.


Your ruling planet says: ‘Speak up and speak out. You can be at your assertive best this month. Find the words and the energy to make a difference and ensure that right triumphs over wrong.’

Moon moment

30th June. A day for treats and treasure hunts. Take yourself into town, watch the world go by at a café and have a hunt in junk shops.

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