24 Oct - 22 Nov

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As Mars and Jupiter travel together through your zone of attention to detail, you are getting all your ducks in a row. Half measures, either from yourself or others, are not acceptable in your book and, if you chip away at projects old or new you can’t fail to find your groove. Health matters are also starred and you’re improving diet and fitness thanks to your non-nonsense attitude. Once you make your mind up to do it, it’s as good as done. A contact sport could also be a big hit, so see what floats your boat.

Matters of the heart

Expect the unexpected. Those close to you are revealing their quirks and their soft spots, their likes and dislikes. Many of these things could be a revelation to you, Scorpio. As a sign that loves to know the ins and outs of everything, you could enjoy being on this romantic learning curve. And the same applies to your friendships, the more you give folk space to be themselves the more treasures you discover. Single and searching? The 11th, 18th and 21st could see you meet your match. Family plans may need a rejig after the 5th, once Saturn heads into backspin, but your every effort will be rewarded.

Luck and cash

You can make it happen Scorpio! A proactive approach to your finances is what the stars are encouraging. If you have a money-making idea, stop pondering and start sharing, and if you need help with a bill payment, get in touch with those who can help ASAP so the wheels can be set in motion. There’s a grand finale to your month. Venus and Jupiter meet on the 29th, forecasting a stroke of luck, and it could take the form of cash or a wonderful, kind gesture.

Be sure to…

…reconsider where you want to roam. Research and investigative work around your travel and education plans are ramped up around the new Moon at the month’s end. This could put you in a risk-taking mood.


Your ruling planet says: ‘Negotiate gracefully. Approach a tricky situation that way and you should find that barriers will start to evaporate and real connections can be made.’

Moon moment

16th June. The Moon encourages you to take short trips or drop in on neighbours, friends or relatives. Togetherness feels good today.

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