21 Apr - 21 May

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Life is what you make it and the key word in that sentence is ‘you’, Taurus. As Mercury and Venus exit your sign, standing on your own two feet is becoming the priority. Where you feel you rely on circumstances or favours more than perhaps you should, you are eager to take matters in hand, from DIY projects to school pick-ups. You’re also at your most spiritual in June. Mars and Jupiter are working together to help you connect with your guardian angels and spirit guides, so look out for signs.


Revealing your secrets is on the astro agenda. Test the water and you should see you’re ready to free your mind of buried thoughts and feelings. Whatever people’s response, you’re believing in yourself more these days and raising your standards gradually so that partners, family, friends and suitors can keep up. A potential new love won’t just be ready to treat you as an equal, they’re likely to insist upon it. Couples, meanwhile, who go back to the beginning with a project are starred to make sudden progress.


If you have a sense that you should look beyond your current lifestyle, the stars are of like mind. Your ruler, Venus, is giving you an ability to break into a different field or find extra customers, it’s just a case of putting yourself out there in a no-frills way. It’s she who gets the job done without fuss that wins a promotion or pay rise at work. As to windfalls, one is due to you and, as long as you don’t look for it, a few quid extra is destined to seek you out.

Be sure to…

Keep …give in to one of your passions. You have been practical in your approach to a desire for long enough, dismissing it or toning it down, but set that inner tiger of yours free this month and you could be reminded of a side of yourself you had almost forgotten about, Taurus.

Power Planet: VENUS

Your ruling planet says: ‘Prioritise an image revamp. You often hide your beauty, priding yourself on being natural. Investing in a haircut and colour or outfit will boost your self-worth no end.’

Moon Moment

15th June. Pursue a pleasure or activity to your heart’s content. The Moon links with Uranus to give you the courage of your convictions.

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