22 May - 21 June

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When the going gets tough, you’re running to the front of the queue to see what is on offer to those who take those tricky and troublesome tasks on. No stone unturned, is your logic this month, Gem, and with your mind working overtime, you’re alert to finding solutions where others can only see brick walls. You twins could exhaust yourself in the process, but you will make progress. To stay at your best, schedule in some cat naps as well as a few early nights. In May, you can really excel and the harder you try, the bigger the prizes, thanks to Saturn’s link to Venus, around the 24th.


No time like the present. You’re saying it like it is, and at times pulling no punches. You could leave friends, family, lovers… speechless at times, but you just want to clear the air and where necessary start again. Do all you can to get these high-powered conversations out the way by the 9th of the month, Gem, then soften your approach and be supportive. As May ticks along you should see your home truths and ideas are sinking in, just try to resist saying I told you so, as others already know that. The 17th and 18th are the days to mark in your diary for date nights, clear the decks and make space for two hearts to entwine.


Mercury, your ruling planet, is about to make his second backspin of the year and this one is in your sign, so prepare yourself, Gemini. Turn situations inside out and look at yourself from another angle and you’ll gain valuable insights into what you do well and where you can improve yourself. Cash can come your way in the final week of the month thanks to these musings. With the Sun, your fun planet, also making positive waves, networking reveals where job openings lie for you twins.


Give yourself a physical after the Full Moon on the 16th, when a detox, pamper and exercise sessions put you in the best mood and looking vibrant.

Power Planet: MERCURY

Your ruler says: ‘Painting, sketching, scribbling and doodling, put pen or paintbrush to paper and see what you draw without thinking. This is a way to get messages from your spirit guides this month.’

Moon Moment: 29th

As the Moon links with ethereal Neptune, meditate on your ambitions. Drifting away into a daydream is where inspiration can be found.

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