24 Oct - 22 Nov

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After a flurry of fun and games at the start of the month, the focus shifts back to everyday life. Swapping gadding about for plodding along isn’t a bad thing as it helps you plan ahead and catch up on things that have been left to drift. Your expectations can be realised when you take one small step at a time. There could be things you need to re-do, but that gives you a chance to do them better. Finally, time outdoors around the new Moon on the 30th, gives you reason to sign up for more fresh air.

Matters of the heart

Look in the mirror and love who you see. It may be a cliché, but there’s also a lot of truth in the phrase: ‘You have to love yourself before you can love someone else.’ If you don’t think you’re fabulous, why should other people? With the Sun’s warmth sending tingles through your relationship zone, any work you do to boost your confidence and your radiance will pay romantic dividends. Attached or single, you deserve not only love, but respect and appreciation, too and, after the full Moon in your sign on the 16th, you are a woman who can be determined to settle for no less than all of the above.

Luck and cash

Your money planet, Jupiter, is on the move and he’s perking up your job prospects as he goes, so get out there and show employers what you have to offer. If you’re reliable and punctual, you should be in line for a salary hike. Talking of money, take a class, seek advice or read a book on financial matters as the stars align for you to learn new tricks. Once Mars shifts sign on the 25th, your actions should be getting all the right reactions and leaving you quids in.

Be sure to…

…make a pros and cons list before making personal choices. As Mercury reverses, the insights you gain from doing your due diligence will be invaluable.


Your ruling planet says: ‘As I head into a backspin, read the small print and double check existing contracts. Past agreements are more interesting as you can see why things were said.’

Moon moment: 2nd May

As the Moon makes luscious links to Neptune and Jupiter, a harmless flirtation may be on the cards.

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