21 Apr - 21 May

Illustration of woman whose pink hair is shaped into two horns, like a bull's.

by Fate&Fortune |

It’s back on the pitch for you, bulls. You could think of your starry line-up last year as the first half of a cup-final match, the time between now and your next birthday, sees you head back out in front of the crowds and play your best game yet. Uranus moves back and forth in your star chart giving many of you Taureans a once-in-a-lifetime chance to make it big or top up on thrills. The recent Solar Eclipse landed in your sign, too, and it was a nudge not just to let go of the old but to go out and find something completely new and completely you, from love to work, family to freetime. That may mean others struggle to understand you every now and then, but push on and believe in yourself at all times and by the end spring 2023 you should be living life to the full.


The tried and tested isn’t working as often as it used to for you bulls, but that’s all to the good. It’s the planets way of encouraging you to experiment. Being more forthright here, more open there, more laid-back elsewhere… should shake things up nicely, not to mention boost your morale. As, Venus, your ruler, spends virtually all month in your zone of solving mysteries, no one can get anything past you. You’re seeing what’s what and who’s who. Embrace U-turns and dare to put in bids for those things you have had your eye on. This is a month when staying flexible while not dismissing anything as ‘weird’ serves you well, Taurus.


Romantically, you’re seeing things your way and others’ point of views will just have to wait a while. Once Mercury starts reversing on the 10th, try thinking of your love life as a romance novel that you’re re-reading. You know what has already happened, but you are rediscovering the ‘whys’. Be honest with yourself about the role you played, and when you gave in too soon or dug your feet in for too long. By the time Mercury moves froward again at the start of next month, you should be back in your stride, ready to fall in love or give yourself, or others, another go at all things romantic.


Redouble your efforts, Taurus, success comes from long-term projects and lengthy application forms. A search for work, and other money-making opportunities, could also turn up a few gems between the 10th and 23rd of the month. Results may not come in thick and fast, but it’s the saplings that you plant anytime in May that could lead you to be harvesting rewards as the year goes on. Just don’t neglect the fun stuff as being silly could also give you a lucrative idea.

Be sure to…

Keep that twinkle in your eye, Taurus. When others see that you greet life with an upbeat attitude, they’ll share their hopes and dreams with you and you could learn an interesting thing or two.

Power Planet: VENUS

Your ruler says, ‘Two steps forward and one step back. From recent experience you know it makes sense, so keep cool, calm and collected, Taurus, rather than charging 100 MPH towards a certain finishing line’.

Moon Moment: 9th

As the Moon links up with Saturn in your zone of making your mark, this is the day to put your best foot forward when the powers that be have their beady eyes on you.

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