21st January - 18th February

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You have been tackling some biggies over the past few years. There’s been soul-searching and you’ve been wondering what your mission in this life really is. No doubt you’ve been through introspection and self-discovery and have realised you need new ambitions and goals. From the 23rd, Pluto enters your sign and things will never be the same again. Time to break free. Perhaps you have been stuck in negativity. Now you have the power. Use it wisely. You may find that you wish to control everything and, of course, that is not possible. Thankfully, your Aquarian open-mindedness should win through.

Matters of the heart

You’re feeling frisky and flirty and exuding a confidence that others can’t help but be drawn to. Looking for love? The 11th is a key date when passion and playfulness meet. You may find attraction closer to home than you think. In your relationship, you are much more appreciative of the everyday and will enjoy hanging out together going on dates in your locale. Mid-month, those entwined will want to snuggle and stay close to home. But even if singles decide to stay at home, ironically love may find you.

Luck and cash

If you feel your control over a discussion about money and how to spend it is slipping away, you may have to reach into your brilliant mind for a new idea on how to handle matters. What comes up is visionary. You can start to explain to people what your new plan is on the 7th and this will have big implications. In the longer term, you understand how vital it is to make improvements to your financial security. After this, you can start to do that. It won’t be a flash in the pan, but once you know that, you can make real progress. As for how you earn a crust, expect things to hot up at the close of March. You’ll be working harder than ever, but enjoying it.

Be sure to…

…keep up to date with your communications. Kickstarting meet-ups and connecting with others could be so rewarding now.


Your ruling planet says: ‘Love is on your side and it will enable you to have a ball. Expect change and thrills with love or money or both. Be open to sudden changes and roll with them.’

Moon moment

28th March

When the Moon and Mars meet they bring fun. Whether it’s dancing or presenting your creative side, enjoy!

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