21 Mar - 20 Apr

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It’s time to put the focus on health and wellbeing. You’re being asked to address part of your routine this month, both physical and mental. Things could come to a head. You’re entering an important period of your life and you’re going to be carefully considering what works for you and what doesn’t. It’s time to wave goodbye to emotional baggage that may hold you back. This will be such a relief. Discover new ways to live and love after the 21st. Then, days later, when Pluto makes its move, you consider your friendships and the people you hang with. You could be meeting some new people who will change your attitude.


Life definitely gets interesting this month – and this includes your love life, especially on the 11th. Expect some unexpected and exciting encounters with people outside your usual circle. You will feel drawn to a freer way of loving. Sometimes love isn’t meant to be set in stone forever. At times, it’s as ephemeral as a butterfly, but will remain in your consciousness forever. In the last week of March, things feel a bit calmer, and stability will be more of a draw. Naturally, this will be a great time for relationships and new attractions based on mutual interests.


Working life is on the agenda on the 7th and you may need to reassess certain matters. Still, you can really get your point across now, and you have the facts and figures to back up your ideas. For the last decade, you’ve been pushing ahead with your career and you should use this month to take a peek at just how far you’ve come and give yourself a bit of a pat on the back. The focus now will be on consolidating your wins by making helpful alliances. Making cash and pushing ahead with schemes that will improve your wealth will take up your time in the latter part of the month.

Be sure to…

……give yourself a makeover. You deserve a new hairdo and outfit so you can embrace all the exciting events in style.

Power Planet: MARS

Your ruling planet says: ‘Dig deep and look at what makes you tick in terms of your roots and foundations of life. Defend and protect what is yours, I will help you become stronger and more secure.’

Moon Moment

24th March

The potential for a thrill is high, thanks to an alliance between the Moon, Venus and Uranus. Take a chance on someone.

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