22 Dec - 20 Jan

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There’s no pretending you haven’t lived through extraordinary times. Whether others realise what you’ve experienced is up for debate. The truth is, so much has altered for you personally over the last few years. You have reclaimed your power.  Now it’s time to move on to the next stage of your evolution – making sure you have the resources to live your truth. Although you have been working hard to put the foundations down, you are being presented with an opportunity to make your ideas a reality. This could all be connected with the new family and home beginnings signified on the 21st.

Matters of the heart

While domestic bliss is the order of the day at the beginning of the month, and you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to enjoy some cosy times, those looking for thrills in their love life should wait until after the 16th when the chances of meeting a new beau soar. Despite your reputation as a serious type, you’re feeling romantic and playful, and this will add to your attractiveness. For those in serious relationships, cementing your commitment through a new home or beautifying your current abode can add to the love. At the end of the month you’re entering a passionate few weeks where you’ll want to show your significant other what they mean to you.

Luck and cash

You’re working like a Trojan. Focused on getting things done, you’re powering through tasks with admirable duty. No doubt bosses are watching closely, and you’ll get a chance to reap some rewards before too long. From the 23rd, you may sense a sea-change in how you handle money. As a Capricorn, you’re not overly fond of unnecessary risk, but you may have to make some far-reaching changes to finances. In fact, you may discover hidden talents that can be profitable

Be sure to…

...take up something physical that can help you vent any frustrations. Running, boxing, squash… you’ll feel better if you work that body.


Your ruling planet says: ‘I have helped you reorganise your financial security over the past two years. Now we need to build community links and help you live life in safety and stability.’

Moon moment

7th March

With the full Moon in your house of future dreams and hopes, you can focus on desires such as travel and learning.

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