22 May - 21 June

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Anyone foolish enough to dismiss you as a lightweight will have to sit up and take note. You are entering a time when building your reputation will dominate until early 2026. If you’ve been looking for guidance about the path you should be travelling down, look for signs. You can’t get far without a little help from your friends and around the 21st there should be lots of activity in your social life. It’s a fabulous time to join together with others and make things happen. At a more profound level, you can change your life by learning more about the world.


You’re feeling the need for flirty fun, so you’ll be enjoying getting out there and socialising. If you’re single, this means opportunities to meet someone. Make the most of these chances. Couples should focus on hearth and home around the 7th – loved ones need you and only you will be able to give the love and guidance they crave. What happens in the last week is eye-opening. You may need to go underground when it comes to your true feelings. You’ll eschew shallow hook-ups and will enjoy supporting your true love


From the 2nd, start piping up to bosses. You are articulate and have a lot of ideas and wisdom to offer. The truth is, this month can provide an important blueprint for success. Start to prove yourself by putting a bit of effort and elbow grease into proceedings. Thankfully, you have an enormous amount of energy to throw at your ambitions. Put your thinking cap on. How much authority do you have or would like? How can you build a structure that will enable you to clamber up that career ladder? In the last week, you have an innate understanding that some finance is required to motor everything along and you also have enough stability and energy to make it happen


…keep a notepad by the side of your bed. You are having amazing dreams and ideas at the moment and you should write them down as soon as you wake

Power Planet: MERCURY

Your ruling planet says: ‘I will give you enormous powers of focus and concentration, then provide you with divine inspiration. By combining imagination and incredible insight you can win.’

Moon Moment

24th March

Venus and Uranus join up with lunar energy to make this a good day for meeting genius people who can be helpful for the future.

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