24 Sep - 23 Oct

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The planets are being dramatic this month. But nothing you can’t handle, especially if you take some time and wander into your metaphorical cave on the 7th. Work out what you want, make sure you nurture yourself. You need to look at putting some structure into creating a healthier way of living. You are being shown that now is the time, no excuses. If that sounds a little dull and worthy, you won’t have to wait long to see there is also another part of life that is being activated now. Pluto’s entry into your house of creativity could see an interest becoming an obsession – and perhaps even changing your life.

Matters of the heart

Your family life has been very close to your heart over the past few years. Perhaps, not surprisingly, you are keen to move on to something else. One-on-one relationships are sweet and loving now and, mid-month, you are keen to take things to a deeper and more profound level. In fact, there’s a fresh start on the 21st. For couples it’s about redrawing lines to make your love work better for both of you. Those who are still fancy-free, will be working on obstacles that are preventing them from opening up to true intimacy. If you have romantic problems, play detective. You might not solve everything at once, but this will be the beginning of an absorbing journey.

Luck and cash

From the 2nd, you will be buzzing around like a busy bee. You are super-efficient and ticking off your to-do list like a boss, or at least a worker of the week. You could find yourself taking on increased responsibility now. From mid-month, you should see opportunity open up and you will be full of vim. Look out for interesting ways to add to your coffers. By the end of the month you get a bolt of good luck.

Be sure to…

…try out a thrilling pastime. Bungee jumping (if you dare) or borrowing a kid’s skateboard. Do something out of the ordinary. You’ll be so chuffed with yourself.


Your ruling planet says: ‘Love is love. You don’t have to be romantically involved to know that special connection can be passed to all of humanity. You can take this deeper for greater understanding.’

Moon moment

28th March

As Mars and the Moon fuse, act with your mind and heart to get your message through and attract someone’s attention.

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