19 Feb - 20 Mar

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You have felt a weight bearing down in your subconscious over the past year or so. The freedom you should experience early this month, when Saturn moves out of your house of hidden, should be quite something. Saturn is now in your sign and, although it’s known as the taskmaster, it encourages the building of solid reality. You are being given the opportunity to make something of yourself. Interestingly, Pluto moves into the house of the hidden on the 23rd. However, while Saturn may be about getting over obstacles, Pluto is the planet of transformation. Expect your mindset to start to evolve and, as it does, so will your reality.


Understanding personal worth is key. Couples will be affirming their love, but there will be time to question what it is you want out of love. If there’s been a flirtation, a situation with another person comes to a head on the 7th. What follows is a decision or a turning point about what you want next. Couples can enjoy romantic times. Spoil each other – live it up a little. Although you’ve been pondering what you value in love and relationships, you’re entering a new period where you want to love for the moment. This is especially true for singles who’ll be discovering romantic opportunities close to home.


Your networking over the past few years has been second to none. You have built up quite a squad. Use them early this month to lure opportunities your way. One person has brilliant ideas about how property can be a money-spinner. Make sure you do your research before leaping in. Money is going to be a preoccupation. Thankfully, it’s coming in at the moment, but you want to ensure things continue in the same vein. You can fix these concerns with a little simple budgeting around the 21st. Take a trip to see a trusted financial advisor if needs be.

Be Sure To...

...check in on siblings or extended family. One of them has some great news and you will be thrilled for them.

Power Planet: Neptune

Your ruling planet says: ‘I am being empowered by the Sun and want you to know your sensitivity and psychic abilities are still your greatest strengths. Trust your instincts.’

Moon Moment

Pluto and the Moon link up in your friendship chart. If you’ve had a falling out, be honest and powerful healing can take place.

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