21 Apr - 21 May

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From the 2nd you are getting more social. But as the month progresses, you sense big change is afoot in the way you relate to others. You are entering a major cycle thanks to heavyweight Saturn, where you appraise the people and groups you hang out with. This might feel uncomfortable at first, but sometimes we need to do this to move on. On a more positive note, you might develop an important friendship in the coming months. It’s not the only thing that is going on – there will be bright spots as well as reflection. You also may get a taste of ambition as you appraise what can be done to step up to success.


Intriguing things are happening, often behind the scenes. You may be aware of them but they can’t be openly discussed, not yet anyway. What occurs on or around the 7th will answer a lot of questions – even feel liberating. It may be that a slow‑burn flirtation suddenly becomes something else entirely, or an attraction suddenly strikes. All of this might make your head spin, but it should be in a good way. Whatever else happens, it’s time to make some important decisions. If that wasn’t enough, in the last week, you get your mojo back big style. You will glow with attractiveness


For the last few years, you have been building an important launchpad for your career. As a Taurus, you know better than anyone that it is impossible to achieve your brilliant potential if you don’t have a stable base. But from the 23rd, there is a mood shift. You are hungry to transform your professional life. While this is exciting, it’s not easy. You may experience power struggles and control issues – others may be jealous of your drive and flair. But take heart, the next few years can see you rise to the top of the tree.

Be sure to…


get stuck in with your extended family. Siblings and cousins are very much on your mind towards the end of the month. Why not organise a get-together?

Power Planet: VENUS

Your ruling planet says: ‘Dig deep into your soul and your inner compassion. Help those who need your wisdom. Pour out your love and feel the blessings return manifold.’

Moon Moment

21st March

The new Moon, supported by dreamy Neptune, urges you to take a back seat and let your subconscious roam.

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