Bauer XcelConfidence

Have confidence at a social gathering

Bauer XcelConfidence

Be a smash hit at any party with this easy enchantment

You will need:

  • Bottled spring water
  • A few drops of jasmine oil
  • A clean white handkerchief 
  • A pinch of silver glitter
  • A seashell
  • A silver charm or 5p coin
  • Blue ribbon

On the day of the event, wash your face three times with the spring water. When getting ready, have a warm bath with jasmine oil added to it, to clear your mind. Next, take the handkerchief and lay it on a table. Sprinkle the glitter in the centre, along with the seashell (to represent calmness) and silver charm or 5p-piece (for luck). Bring all four corners of the handkerchief together and tie with the ribbon, which represents communication. Carry the magical pouch in your bag when going to parties or events, and you’ll breeze through the evening.