Bauer XcelLuck

Removing negative energy

Bauer XcelLuck

Ask the angels

You will need:

  • Nine white tea lights
  • Nine sage leaves
  • Relaxing music
  • A small bag or pouch

Arrange the tea lights in a large circle on the floor (big enough for you to sit inside) and place a sage leaf beside each one. Put on some music, and sit crossed-legged in the centre of the circle with your hands resting gently by your side. Close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded by soft white light. Now visualise a purple beam of light radiating upwards from the top of your head. Take deep breaths and say:

‘I summon the Archangel Gabriel to release me,
From the negative energy that surrounds my soul this day.
Let your light of power shine down towards me.’

Recite this slowly seven times in total. Step out of the circle and blow out the candles, then place the sage leaves in a small bag or pouch. Carry them with you until you feel all the trapped negative energy has been freed.