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Have you had a ghostly or paranormal experience at home, on holiday or when you were a child? Have you made contact with someone who has passed over? Did a psychic tell you something that came true? Has fate played a hand in helping you meet your soulmate? Have you got a psychic pet or been saved by your guardian angel? Or do you have a spooky photo you’d like to share? Whatever your story, you could find yourself starring in Fate & Fortune!

How it works

  1. Give us a brief outline of your story on the form below. Or if you prefer, you can write to us at Fate & Fortune, 24-28 Oval Road, London NW1 7DT.

  2. If we think your story is suitable, one of the Fate & Fortune team will call you to get a few more details. At a later date, you'll be interviewed over the phone to get the full story.

  3. You'll need to provide us with pictures of the relevant people and places involved, such as wedding photos, relatives and children. We may also need to send one of our professional photographers to take your photo. All pictures will be returned safely to you.

  4. We'll pay you up to £200 when your story appears in print and send you a free copy of the magazine. It couldn't be easier!

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