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Sue Ricketts
Sue Ricketts

Happy Chinese New Year! On 19 February, we usher in the Year of the Goat. According to Chinese soothsayers, Goat years should make us all more considerate towards our fellow beings, with less emphasis on greed and gain, which can’t be bad. So will you be scaling new peaks or following the herd? All is revealed in our three-page Year of the Goat horoscope.


In September last year reports emerged of a terrifying child spectre haunting the woods of Staffordshire’s Cannock Chase. Witnesses all spoke of seeing a small girl with a deathly pale face and black eyes as they strolled through the beauty spot. The sightings have sparked much speculation as to who – or what – the creepy apparition could be. Psychic TJ Higgs has probed the mystery and come up with an intriguing answer.


Our special report examines the fascinating phenomenon of children who recall their past lives. Cyndi’s young son Ryan told her he’d lived and worked as a movie director in 1930s Hollywood – naming films he’d made and even pointing to a picture of himself in an old book. When Cyndi did some detective work, she was shocked to learn the details stood up and things her son couldn’t possibly have known were fact. Meanwhile, in Sweden, 62-year-old Barbro Karlen, claims she is the reincarnation of famous wartime diarist Anne Frank. Decide for yourself if these amazing cases are proof of reincarnation – or just kids with a vivid imagination.


Using a Ouija board to contact her late father, little did Angela know that her obsession would leave her fighting for her life. After the spirit of a murder victim swore she’d be killed too, Angela was left looking over her shoulder. Did someone really want her dead? Read her chilling story to find out how a beyond-the-grave warning almost became a chilling reality.