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Sue Ricketts
Sue Ricketts

Amy Johnson was lucky to survive a freak 100ft fall over the edge of dizzying Cheddar Gorge. But as she recovered from her injuries she realised she wasn’t quite feeling herself – in more ways than one. Why did she suddenly hate all her fashionable clothes and why did she yearn to swap them for flowing cloaks and floor-length dresses? And why did she start talking in a strange American accent. It appeared as if Amy hadn’t just fallen off a cliff, somehow she’d slipped into a different era.


Psychic Ryan Gooding uses his gift to expose anyone doing the dirty on their partners. Over the years he’s ‘outed’ scores of philanderers and claims he’s never wrong. It all started when a deceased friend gave him messages about love rats from the other side. He’d see lovey-dovey couples holding hands and instantly know if it was all a sham. The spirit world even tipped him off when his own ex-partner was cheating. One lucky F&F reader can win a revealing reading with in Ryan – if they dare!


From pop stars to politicians, everyone loves taking selfies. And some cheeky sorts like to sneak into other people’s snapshots – a phenomenon known as ‘photobombing’. But it’s not just the living who are getting in on the act. More and more people are coming forward with snaps that appear to show they’ve been photobombed by the dead. Seriously! Take a look at our collection of the best ones and decide for yourself.


It’s nice to share your beliefs with your kids, but what’s the perfect age to introduce them to magic, crystals and angels? In our special report, psychic Anne Jirsch reveals the best and safest ways to help kids – from tots to teens – take their first steps into the spiritual realms. Plus, we meet one mum who’s making sure her children are growing up immersed in magic and mystery – even though they’ve not yet started school.