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Sue Ricketts
Sue Ricketts

It may be sunny outside but there’s a decidedly dark twist to this month’s issue!  We’ve got FIVE extra pages of spooky true-life stories to keep you shivering in the heat. Read all about Victoria Hardy, who is in regular contact with the spirits of dead rock stars following a visit to a music-themed burger restaurant, and Stephen Foster, who regrets a summer night spent under canvas as a teenager. Not only did he pitch his tent over the bodies of murder victims, they rose up to haunt him!


Sabrina McKenna had prepared a nursery full of toys for the arrival of her baby son. But tragically, Jamie died in her womb just weeks before her due date. Her dreams of motherhood so abruptly ripped away, Sabrina didn’t know how she’d face the future. But then she noticed a photo turned to the wall, and toys scattered about Jamie’s bedroom. Was it her baby son’s spirit returning from the spirit world to play? It was just the start of their remarkable connection beyond the grave.


Did you know we all have a ‘soul colour’ which reveals key aspects of our personality? Discover your soul colour is in our special quiz, then work on its corresponding chakra – one of the seven chi energy centres in the body – to improve your life on every level.


Confused and frightened by her visions of spirit people, Anne Hassett hit the bottle in a big way and became an alcoholic. Not caring if she lived or died, she got into cars drunk – with disastrous consequences. But after a third near-fatal car crash – ironically, when she was sober and on the way to an AA meeting – she realised a higher power was protecting her, and it had a plan for her that would change her life forever.