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Sue Ricketts
Sue Ricketts

The driver who’d knocked down Christine Hayter’s granddaughter was out there somewhere. Frustrated with the police investigation, she realised a higher power was helping her track down the culprit. Strange premonitions, dreams and tarot readings all added up to some very psychic detective work.


Did you know that some police forces put more bobbies on the beat during a full moon, and that the RSPCA receives more calls reporting animals in distress when the moon is big in the sky? Is it just a coincidence or can the moon really make us crazy? Our fascinating report sorts the science from the sorcery.


Whether intentional or not, other people’s negative energy comes at us 24/7 –we’re surrounded by it! It can leave us feeling low, argumentative and even depressed! Could it be happening to you? In our special feature, psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker shows how to spot the signs and provides simple techniques for keeping bad vibes at bay. Get protected!


Do you believe in ghosts? Or would you need photographic evidence to convince you? Both Michelle Midwinter, from Trowbridge, Wiltshire, and Barry Jones, who lives on the Isle of Man, were dyed-in-the-wool sceptics when it came to spirits. But as their stories reveal, when a spook takes the trouble to send you a snap of themselves, it’s not hard to believe you’ve received proof from beyond the grave.