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Sue Ricketts
Sue Ricketts

Did you know that every time we speak to - or even think about - someone, an invisible psychic energy cord is formed and links us to them? Elizabeth Rose, who tells her story in this month’s issue, had never heard of such cords until she attended an angel workshop and discovered to her shock that she was ‘attached’ to an ex-boyfriend she hadn’t seen for 22 years! That was bad enough until she realised the connection was stopping her finding love. Find out how she solved the problem and how you can banish any cords that are affecting you.


Christmas may be the most fun-filled time of year but it’s also the most expensive. To give you a helping hand, we’ve put together 10 easy money rituals to try that could see your bank balance bulging by 25 December. From creating a ‘money mojo bag’ designed to help draw cash into your life to a ritual that simply involves writing the word ‘money’ on your hand each day, just carry them out and wait for wealth to come winging your way!


In the USA there’s a website that can tell home owners if anyone ever died in their property. For most people, finding out someone passed away under their roof would be no more than a creepy curiosity – after all, the dead can’t hurt you. But when Emma Robinson discovered a previous resident had met their end in her son’s bedroom, it confirmed her worst fears: the ghost didn’t want her family living there. Not only that, it was prepared to harm them in order to get its way. Read her terrifying story in this month’s issue.


In honour of autumn, this month’s oracle shows you how to tap into the special powers of trees and the creatures of the forest. In times past, the Celts worshipped trees, believing each species had different strengths and qualities that humans could draw on. Likewise, shamen know that certain animals have the ability to protect and guide us, should we choose to call on them. Simply pick the tree and animal you’re most drawn to receive some wild wisdom from the woods.