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Sue Ricketts
Sue Ricketts

Pat Putt’s visit to a holiday camp in Devon was meant to be a week of family fun. But things took a strange turn after she met a couple who were psychic. For days afterwards, Pat had some alarming experiences – and then she realised a tormented spirit was taking over her body and showing her how she had died.  On a visit to a local castle she discovered the spirit’s identity, but that was only the beginning of Pat’s amazing story…


Regular readers will remember how, two years ago, Fate & Fortune conducted an amazing interview with the spirit of Princess Diana. It was all done with the help of medium Anne Stewart, who regularly makes contact with Diana on the other side. In this month’s issue, Diana speaks again. Find out what she has to say on everything from her suicidal feelings during her marriage to her belief in angels – and even what Easter is like in the spirit world!


Her health was going downhill, and her sanity was being tested. Elizabeth Lyle couldn’t cope in her haunted home much longer, so she came up with a novel way of solving the problem. Her story reveals the nightmare she endured at the hands of a disgruntled spook and how she ended up having the last laugh.


It’s based on the idea that the living can talk to the dead and not only is it the UK’s fastest growing religion, it has a staggering 13 million converts worldwide. There’s even a campaign to get it taught in UK schools as part of religious studies. Our fascinating fact-packed feature will help you get up to speed on spirituality.