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Sue Ricketts
Sue Ricketts

Having a man about the house when you’ve been living alone for a while is bound to make any woman feel safer, and Gemma was no exception. Except that when her burly builder bloke, Jay, moved in, things became rather unsettled. Soon Gemma discovered a negative energy had entered her home along with her boyfriend. The entity – which the couple dubbed the ‘woman in black’ – was out to split them up! Would the horrid hag succeed? Read Gemma’s chilling story to find out…


After suffering six miscarriages, Jennifer feared she’d never have a brother or sister for her two little daughters. Heartbroken, she visited a medium, hoping against hope she would receive a positive message about the future. Sure enough, the medium told her there was a little boy waiting for her. Spurred on, Jennifer researched multiple miscarriages on the internet and made an amazing discovery.


As a nation, we love our cats and dogs so much that growing numbers of owners are turning to astrology to help them understand their animal companions. Now you can discover how the stars influence your own kitty or canine by consulting their horoscope. For instance, did you know that Aries dogs are easily bored, or that Virgo cats need their own hidden space? You’ll discover not only what makes your pet tick but how to make them the happiest animals on the planet!


Finding a job these days is far from easy. It’s so competitive out there, you need to employ every trick to give you an edge. Well, how about having angels working on your behalf to land you the perfect post? Our angel expert Jacky Newcomb will show you how to harness heavenly help in the jobs market. You’ll be receiving work offers in no time!