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Sue Ricketts
Sue Ricketts

When her mum, Margaret, passed away a week before Christmas, Debbie Barratt was heartbroken. It was Margaret’s favourite time of year, and now she wouldn’t be here to enjoy the festivities she always spent months joyfully preparing for. But on Christmas Day, Debbie was in for a shock. Expecting to see her mum’s house in darkness, she couldn’t believe her eyes!


Angus Kennedy’s 14-year-old daughter was missing on a bitterly cold night. Instead of being tucked up safe in bed, she was roaming the remote countryside. Fearing she could have slipped into a river, tumbled down a ravine or fallen unconscious from hunger, he and his family were frantic with worry. What they needed was a miracle, so Angus prayed to the angels. What happened next was truly amazing…


Did you know the internet is full of people looking for help with haunted dolls? And collectors wanting to buy them? In our fascinating report, we meet Jayne Harris, who trawls the web looking for dolls with spirits attached. She takes them into ‘quarantine’, placing them in a locked cabinet with a crucifix while she establishes if their spirits are malicious or friendly. We also meet Ian Rogers, who uses possessed dolls to attract the dead during ghost hunts, and Michelle Fountain, who reveals how she makes her haunted dolls feel at home.


There’s nothing worse than spending your hard-earned cash on gifts the recipient won’t look twice at. So if you’re about to start your Christmas shopping, hold your horses until you’ve read our star man Justin Toper’s astro gift guide. Using his expert knowledge, he reveals the presents that will delight both adults and kids, according to the sign they’re born under. Even if you’re strapped for cash, Justin offers up thrifty but thoughtful suggestions.